Free time. That could have several different meanings but most importantly there are several different ways to use it. In the summer of 2012 my first child was born and two short years later, my second one arrived. As they continued to grow each day, I continued to leave for work at sunrise six days a week and leave my loving family behind. I didn’t realize what it was doing to me until just a few months back. I was missing out on so much family fun by being at work all day. I don’t want to come off sounding lazy, I actually like my job and enjoy when its really busy. I work for my families retail store where it is family owned and operated. Lot’s of drama comes around and with only four total employees, escaping for a long vacation makes it tough. Here lately I find myself daydreaming of ways to escape the normal tumultuous daily grind and be home with my family more. So much so that I am positive that my production is slacking. Now my wife is an “at home” mom and we operate on my income alone, which isn’t great but we get by. After finding books by the likes of Tim Ferriss and podcasts by Dave Ramsey, etc. my mind really races with great thoughts of careful planning and life automation so that perhaps one day I could find myself “working” from home. And in today’s modern times, it has never been easier. Or so I hear.

Recently my wife and I started a family friendly YouTube channel titled “Four Lazy J’s”. I always had a passion for video editing and production and after some research on monetizing my videos I quickly found out that this could potentially be a “positive cash flow hobby.” Or so I thought. I invested in some equipment, wrote down as many ideas as I could come up with, and the four of us got to work filming, editing, and uploading. I thought for sure that in six months, I would be a full time “YouTuber”. Then the reality set in. To date I have accumulated $8.62. I am not complaining, what other hobby pays you back, even if its less than 1% of your startup cost? I am sticking with it though, uploading a new video every Monday but for different reasons. My children love it and I am having fun, so I am now approaching this as an actual “hobby” rather than a “job”.  One Day…

So follow along to this, I am using this blog as a journal if you will. Rather than “vlogging” I find it therapeutic to write down these trials and tribulations. I will bring you along for the hi’s and the low’s chronicling my journeys along the way. This is my chase to more free time. If I can build an online presence and maintain my current lifestyle, I would choose that in a heart beat. My true dream job. Enjoy my children while they’re young and perhaps a cup of coffee on the front porch instead of my commute to work every day.



– Justin R. Van Horn



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